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Come help us celebrate the First Birthday of the Kansas City Chapter of the International Costumers' Guild!

Saturday January 10th
5:00-7:00 pm
at da Capo Teas
325 Main, Platte City, Missouri

Please Note: Paypal payment includes a small (less than $2.) handling fee. Any purchase of membership is not complete until the KCCG Treasurer has received the new members's email address, snail mail address, full name, and phone number. If efforts to receive this information fail you will be refunded the membership price through paypal. For a second member of the same household or child memberships for persons aged 15 and under please contact the KCCG Treasurer for special discount rates.

KCCG Members-$25.00

Ticket and 1 year KCCG Membership-$37.00
Membership Only-$15.00

Payment Options: Paypal linkie-boxes forthcoming, if you want to buy a membership now just paypal the total amount (we'll cover fees) to Include your name and email address in the comments box. If you prefer to not use paypal please contact Kelly Peterson at for information on mailing a check.

Tickets must be purchased by January 6th for us to RSVP to the tea house in time.

da Capo Teas
International Costumers' Guild, Inc.

Contact Info:
Event Questions- Aurora Celeste:
Payment and Membership Questions- Kelly Peterson:
Or join our Yahoo Group at


What is the Kansas City Costumers' Guild?
The Kansas City Costumers' Guild is a newly formed chapter of the International Costumers' Guild. It was formed to promote costumes and costuming in the Kansas City area. We have bi-monthly meetings in Lawrence, KS, and plan group events centered around making and/or wearing costumes. In the future we hope to have group events including costume outings to conventions and reenactments, picture sessions, museum visits, shopping trips, and costume workshops.

Do I have to come to Lawrence meetings to be a member?
Nope! We'd love to see you there, but if you live too far away we completely understand. You can keep up with us on the yahoo group and join in on costume events and fun whenever you can. In the future we hope to form more local meetups in areas where members concentrate.

What do I get for my membership cost?
The $15 membership includes membership in the International Costumers' Guild for 1 year and a subscription to the ICG newsletter. It also includes discounts to any future events we plan, and if the membership is interested we are looking into group discount tickets to outside events in the Kansas City area like conventions, KC Ren Fest, etc. and group discount orders for things costumers use frequently like Fire Mountain Gems for beads, Cheep Trims for ribbons and laces, or other places that our membership decides are fun and necessary. Plus you get to meet and interact with other costumers in the area with knowledge and interest in many kinds and varieties of costume production.

Why are you charging non-members more than members?
Because we hope to have more fun costume events in the future! Unfortunately, events take money, and even events that we sell tickets for need monetary deposits for planning and booking. Members pay a membership fee that goes towards paying these deposits, and we charge non-members more to even out the costs.

What should I wear?
This is a formal Victorian High Tea. Thus, Victorian or formal costume or clothing is preferred. However, we'd like to be inclusive, and costumes of any flavor are fun! We only have two costume rules: a costume must cover half of your body including any parts of anatomy covered by a bathing suit (keep in mind this is a January event) and be tastefully PG, and a costume must not shed pieces or be messy or damage any other costume present (example, dripping stage blood off your zombie costume may get on someone else's costume and damage it).

But my only costume is my cosplay/Klingon/Stormtrooper/Rennaisance/fursuit/movie/Sci-Fi/etc. costume!
Really, we don't care. Costumes are fun in any flavor. Any costume is welcome provided it follows the rules above. However, we recommend that you keep in mind that this is a formal, sit-down meal. Large hoops, bustles, or other encumbrances that make sitting hard; or masks, helmets, or headcoverings that make eating difficult are not recommended because they will get in the way and we have no place to store them, so we recommend you leave those pieces of your costume at home or in your car.

But I don't have any costume at all! I'm interested in learning about costumes and hanging out, but I have nothing to wear!
Come anyway! We'll have a box of neat costume pieces like hats, ruffs, ties, scarves, and the like, and you can dress to match everyone else when you get there :D

What else should I bring?
We recommend your sense of fun and a camera. We hope to get some pictures of attendees, because half the fun of making costumes is getting pictures of them! Otherwise, just be prepared to meet other people who like sewing and costuming of many different kinds and flavors, making new friends in the Kansas City area!

What if I don't know now? When can I decide to attend?
Unfortunately we will not be able to accommodate people who just come to the event without a ticket. DaCapo is requiring a final head count on January 7th. Thus, our deadline for ticket processing is January 6th.
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