Dec. 28th, 2008

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Ya know, the more I think about that post that named the Atonement dress the best movie costume ever, the more it irks me. Not that it's not a great dress, but who's to know if it really has staying power. Will we even recognize it in 5 years? So, on that note, I announce I'm going to run my own Best Movie Costume Ever poll here, on my LJ. Polls will be open to anyone, not just people friended to my LJ, so you can campaign for your favorites. My only rule: it must be at least 5 years old. I'm not running a "most popular right now" contest, so all the movies have to be older than 5 years. The costume we choose can't just be good, but it has to be memorable and able to stand the test of time as an icon for that movie: one outfit that instantly makes you travel in your mind into the movie it represents.

Contest Parameters

~Contest will be run in a sorta- double elimination. Trees for the first four heats are located in the gallery. Once those brackets are completed they will fill a winners' and a losers' bracket, both of which will be run in double-elimination until there are 8 remaining competitors, which will be ranked according to a system to be announced later.

~There are three openings for a voters' choice. Voters' choice is chosen from the most nominations in the closed nomination post. Nomination Post Monday, April 14. Only nominate costumes in the nomination post!!!
Note: Deadline has passed!

~Voting will be posted Monday-Friday, or as close to that as possible. Polls may be posted late the night before their determined morning. Early polls will probably be two a day to reduce the time the contest will take. I reserve the right to close polling for vacations and such where I will be away from the computer.

~All polls will be tagged with a Best Costume! tag. You can search for past polls using this tag. I would also ask that you use this address to link to the contest in general, to separate it out from my usual journal posts.

~Vote before you read comments! Spoilers and opinions can/should be posted as comments. Voting results will be hidden from voters so the winner is a surprise :D

~Feel free to friend me for the duration of the contest. I will only be adding people back that comment on my first post and ask to be friended, and I'll be selective at that, too.

~Voting in each poll will be open for 7 days. At that point I will tally the votes and mark the winner on the bracket. The poll will remain open and you can still vote in it, but the votes will not be counted.

~Winners will be announced by updating the bracket and by posting the results in a results post tallied at the close of voting. It may or may not be the same post as the newest poll.

~Feel free to gak my banner (hotlinking ok!) and/or make your own banner or icons to repost so people will vote for your favorite. Campaigning for your favorite costume is OK!

~The post to complain about my choices, people's votes, or anything costume/movie related is here.

Preliminary Rounds start Monday, March 3!


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