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This journal is friends-only. I tend to add most everyone who adds me, but I like to know where people come from and what they want to see on my journal, so I'd love it if you could post a comment with that in it before I add you. Most of my journal is private, including my costuming updates. I try to keep my links and tutorials public, though, so if that's what you're here for here's a list of what I've done:


Basic Hand Sewing Seams and Hems - WIP, Needs Pictures
Basic Machine Sewing Seams and Seam Finishes - WIP, Needs Pictures
Bibliography - WIP
Computer Programs for Costuming
Dimensional Fabric Paint Prosthetic Tutorial
Dying in a Washing Machine - Needs Pictures
Dying on the Stovetop
The Easiest Documentation
Fabric Basics Part 1 - Fibers
Golden Rule of Three: Cheap, Fast, and Accurate
History of Sewing
How to Get the Most out of a Costume Contest Entry
How to Set a Grommet
How to Tell a Costume Scam on Ebay
How to Run a Small Costume Contest
The Money of Costuming, AKA: Why Do They Charge So Much to Make A Costume?
Putting on a Wig for People with Long Hair
Random Makeup Tips
Sewing Machine Basics - WIP
Sewing Machine Recs - HUGE WIP, and I'm not sure I still agree with everything I said but I dont' have time to revise now
Teaching Yourself to Sew with Books
Tips for First Time Judges
What to do if you are scammed on eBay


Boning Links
Corset History (not yet checked for accuracy of site info) Links
Costume Materials/Fabrics Links
Dying Links
Dye (history) Links
Feather Links
Latex and Facial Appliance Links
Pattern Company Links
Pattern Modification Tip Links
Pattern Review Websites
Wig and Hair Links

A Note on my tutorials: I'll always accept any links or suggestions you feel free to give, but I reserve the right to politely disagree :D I'll leave dissenting comments up for future readers to view, I only delete comments that denigrate into trolling (name-calling, going off-topic to attack other areas, etc). So if you find something that you disagree with, feel free to comment and tell me why. I'm always excited to learn something new!

Not mine, but noteworthy:
[ profile] jaberwhalky's links to victorian and edwardian clothing resources for steampunk
[ profile] bauhausfrau's Article on recovering 18th century shoes. Probably works just as well for other centuries, too.
[ profile] cidsa's tips for wig wear and care I don't entirely agree with all points, but until I write my own it's a good starting point.
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